Terms & Conditions

Please read the Terms & Conditions below

Irish Office undertake the to do the following . . . . .

1.01 To keep an accurate account of all funds in your account.

1.02 To notify you when your account needs additional funds or attention.

1.03 To provide you with immediate information about persons attempting to contact you or discover your whereabouts

1.04 To keep all information about you completely and absolutely confidential and never to pass it on to a third party. (The only exception being a valid court order).

1.05 To ensure that all mail send to you will not carry the return address of Irish Office in a way that will make it obvious you are receiving mail from a mail forwarding service.

1.06 To ensure that your mail is forwarded promptly and at the frequency of your choice.

1.07 To retain your mail for up to 30 days after your subscription has expired. (Beyond that date it will be destroyed)

1.08 To pass on voice and fax messages by e-mail to subscribers of our fax and phone service.

1.09 Irish office reserves the right to withdraw the use of our phone numbers, where that service is abused.

1.10 Not to increase our fee to any customer during any paid up subscription period.

You as the customer / subscriber agrees to the following . . . . . .

2.1 To deal honourably with all your clients and to cause no inconvenience to Irish Office.

2.2 Not to send the following types of items through Irish Office: explosives, destructive items, guns, weapons, ammunition, drugs, live material,. plants, food, liquids, extortion letters and child pornography.

2.3 You accept that Irish Office will terminate your account, if it is being used for fraudulent or illegal purposes. In this case all mail will be destroyed and your information will be deleted.

2.4 You must insist that anyone sending cash to you through Irish Office must send it as registered mail. Any valuables or items which cannot be replaced, should be treated in a similar fashion. You must accept that Irish Office cannot be held liable for any losses.

2.5 You agree that upon termination of the service or failure to pay the agreed fee in advance, Irish Office shall have no responsibility to make your mail available without payment.

2.6 You agree that Irish Office is not responsible for any international civil and criminal law violations on your part and agree to reimburse Irish Office for any time and legal expense involved.

2.7 You agree that refunds are not available for unused services. Postage accounts are refundable.

2.8 You agree not to use our phone and numbers on your stationery or website unless you have explicitly paid for that service. You must also agree to immediately cease using our phone numbers when your phone subscription expires.

2.9 You accept that if you fail to abide by any of these conditions you will forfeit the right to use Irish Office as a mailing address

General Conditions

3.1 Irish Office does not act as your agent, or otherwise act on your behalf as a power-of-attorney, or otherwise. We simply provide a service. We do not open, or otherwise check letters or packages that are being forwarded or remailed. By using the Irish Office remailing service, you are certifying that you are not mailing anything illegal, dangerous, or in violation of postal or other laws (see 2.2).
You, and your agents will hold Irish Office and its agents harmless for any losses and or penalties resulting from any such action.

3.2 Irish Office does not run, and has no control over any postal systems. Therefore, Irish Office is not liable for lost or stolen mail. You use postal services at your own risk.

3.3 Irish Office reserves the right to change your Irish postal address. You will be given at least three months notice of any such change.