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About Irish Office

We own the buildings where Irish Office is located. They are sited on a main road, seven minutes walk from the centre of Dublin City. We have several retail establishments on the ground floor and basement. Our offices are on the upper floors. We are already running a number of well established businesses from these buildings. There is 24 hour security on the building.

Before Irish Office was established our phones were already well manned throughout normal office hours. Because we have existing staff, our dedicated Irish Office phone lines will always be manned regardless of whether we have 10 or 10,000 Irish Office customers.

Consumer Advice: When choosing a mail forwarding company make sure that they are contactable via a landline telephone (Not a mobile phone number).Email only contact is not to be recommended.


Any anonymous service, organisation, bank etc. that promises to keep your personal data private, will not do so if they come under official pressure or court orders. They will always yield to pressure in order to preserve their business. They do not want to appear uncooperative with official bodies. A single customer's privacy is completely unimportant when it is compared to the future of the company. We would also yield to the same pressures - how about that for an admission !!!

The betrayal of a customer's personal information is not important to an organisation, but it can have disastrous consequences for an individual. We have concluded that the only way to protect ourselves and our customers is that a customer's personal data is always destroyed shortly after an account is closed.

If we don't have your personal data, we can never reveal it and we can never be accused of obstruction by the authorities

Your Privacy and Security

All data is stored in a specialised custom-built Microsoft Access 2002/xp database. The front end database is attached to two sets of tables. One set of tables is for transactions and accounts data. The second set of tables is for personal customer data. The two sets of tables are linked using an intermediate table of account numbers.

When we do our daily short term backup, everything is backed to re-writeable media. This is done on a seven day repeating cycle. Therefore Monday's backup overwrites the previous Monday's backup. When we do a long term backup everything except the second set of tables is backed up. This is very deliberate. It means that if you terminate your subscription with us, your personal data is erased from our database immediately and from all backups within eight days. This is as much for our protection as it is for yours. Transaction dates and amounts is all that is retained in the long term (as required by tax law).

Our highest priority is that we keep your name and address confidential at all times. If we ever receive an enquiry, requesting your personal details, it is refused. You will be informed of this enquiry immediately by email (and by telephone if so arranged).

The only circumstance where we would give out your personal details is on foot of a court order.
You would be made aware of this possibility many months before it actually happened.

Other Security measures include . . . . .
  • The buildings are occupied 24 hours a day and is very well secured and alarmed.
  • The day to day operations of Irish Office are conducted from various locations.
  • The number of premises / locations actually used exceeds three.
  • If someone calls to collect their mail without prior arrangement we cannot give to them simply because it will not be in the building.
  • All mail deliveries to our premises are done by hand to hand. The postman comes in to our premises and hands over the mail personally. It never goes into a letterbox.
  • Access to the personal data area of the database is restricted to a few users.
  • The database and all associated files are strongly encrypted.
  • Passphrases are long and split across several users.
  • When backing up data, only the encrypted containers are backed up.
  • Various computer and other security measures which cannot be mentioned here.
  • All discarded documents are routinely shredded.

With your Irish Mail Forwarding service you receive many of the benefits of a permanent office without the overheads or the need to actually be there.